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Below are links to governing documents for Lawson Hill. The Lawson Property Owner’s Board of Directors has set a goal of having all the controlling documents digitized so they may be available online. Additional documents will be added as they become available. Several of the governing documents were created from scanned images of recorded documents using optical character recognition software. Some errors are likely… These documents should not be relied on for any legal purpose. Please report any errors to: Pam Hall
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no dog policy and exceptions:

General Restrictions: According to the Lawson Hill General Declarations, the Lawson Hill PUD and San Miguel County Land Use Code, dogs are not allowed in Lawson Hill at any time. Lawson Hill was approved through the PUD process with San Miguel County, during that process it was discovered that the Division of Wildlife had designated this area on their maps as severe elk and deer winter ranges. The Lawson Hill PUD was approved with the condition that no dogs to be allowed in Lawson Hill, at any time through a covenant restriction. San Miguel County requires that the Association monitor and enforce these covenant restrictions and it is important for all owners to recognize that the Association will continue to insure compliance with these requirements.  If you have friends, tenants, roommates, employees, guests or construction workers visiting your property, please inform them that they should not bring their dogs along, unless the dog qualifies as an ADA animal. The no dog rule applies throughout Lawson Hill including the playing field, Keystone Gorge Loop trail, internal neighborhood trails and the Galloping Goose trail.

American Disability Act: The Association and San Miguel County recognize that the general rules precluding dogs in Lawson Hill are modified in instances where animals contemplated under the ADA are concerned, consistent with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). The Association and San Miguel County respect and support the rights of persons protected by the ADA, including owners and guests, while in Lawson Hill.  Together, they have developed a process to reasonably accommodate the need and desire for ADA protected persons to have the benefit of animals as contemplated under the ADA while within Lawson Hill.  From time to time there may be residents who qualify under the ADA for an animal which may be a dog, as a community, we should recognize and respect the person’s right to have a dog in those specific instances. If the guest of an owner is visiting Lawson Hill and utilizes a dog as an ADA animal, as a courtesy, please contact the manager so that she is aware of the presence and can respond to questions from other owners about the presence of a dog. The use of a vest identifying a dog as an ADA service animal is encouraged, but not required. Feel free to contact the manager if you have any questions. 

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