Lawson Hill is a mixed use planned community founded in 1992. Its prime location lies just south of the Society Turn roundabout, between the Town of Telluride and Town of Mountain Village. True to this area’s historic name of Keystone, it remains the literal keystone of the Telluride region. Over time, the community has blossomed into a regional asset, housing local working families and a host of interesting businesses including sandwich shops, a brewery, a distillery, flower shop, independent school, daycare, lumber yard, gas station, rental yard and a service station.


Community assets include 100 acres of open space, a playing field adjacent to the San Miguel River, a community park and notable trails including the Galloping Goose that traverses the old railroad grade and the Keystone Gorge trail that offers an amazing loop that crosses the San Miguel River at two points, one on a suspension bridge. The trail provides accesses to the pristine Keystone falls.


Lawson Hill Property Owners Company manages the affairs of the association. A board of five is elected from and by the owners to oversee the day to day operations. We are governed by our Declarations, Bylaws, and Policies. The board meets on a regular basis and has special meetings as needed.

a hub for

Local Businesses

Lawson Hill provides a home to many local businesses, providing essential services that are no longer able to fit within the towns of Telluride or the Mountain Village.